Monday, April 26, 2010

what a weekend.

this weekend was filled with a LOT of family time. Ryan & I went to dinner @ Boomerang's on Garrison... they have THE best catfish ever. And then we went and saw Date Night - it was a really funny movie, and it was nice to get to go out with my parents!

Saturday, mom & i spent some time shopping for the wedding. it's crazy how you shop ALL day and get like 4 things... they will be important later im sure :)
After the shopping, I met up with Ryan and we headed up to Fayetteville - originally to watch the Red/White scrimmage because we love razorback football... but the crazy Arkansas weather ruined those plans, and we ended up meeting our great videographer Aaron Szabo ( ) at Buffalo Wild Wings. He is completely amazing, and we are very excited to get to work with him. Also - we have THE BEST photographers in the world, too. Check them out! ( ).

We headed back to my house that evening, and my sister/jason/bella were there to spend the night. I got a great chunk of time with my niece this weekend, and it was wonderful! we talked, laughed, sang, and danced... she spit up - i gagged... it was great :) she's an absolute miracle and blessing to our family... adoption has truly shown its many blessings to us. --And really, bella marie is cutest baby i think i've ever seen!

-carrie anne

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  1. Carrie, you are so sweet. Jon & I are so happy to have met you & Ryan... we cannot wait for your wedding day! btw - Bella is absolutely ADORABLE!!