Thursday, April 22, 2010

about carrie anne

So this is my first REAL blog... a little behind? maybe...

My name is Carrie Anne Craig -- soon to be Feero -- we'll get to that later, and I'm 23 years old. I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas and pretty much have my whole life. I was born here, but I spent the first few months of my life living in New York City (today actually marks the 23rd anniversary of my older sister Chrissy's bone marrow transplant. we moved to NYC for the procedure, and my older brother Casey was her donor - 23 years later, she is married with her own daughter now. I will talk about this much more later!). I grew up the rest of the way in Fort Smith, though...went to Woods, Chaffin, Southside, and then on to the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith.

In the summer of 2006, i moved to Atlanta, Georgia for reasons unknown to me at the time, but I came back at the end of the summer feeling like a new WOMAN instead of a girl - that season really taught me a lot about life, and I cherish the memories and lessons I experienced there. Now, I am attending John Brown University in Fort Smith - working on my master's degree in counseling. I am a Graduate Assistant through the college, and I work at the JBU CARE Clinic as well. My expected graduation date is August of 2011. Could it be any further away?! :)

My family is a MAJOR priority in my life. I have 2 of the most loving parents - William & Carole - who i know would do ANYthing for me or my siblings. I have an older sister Chrissy (30), who is married to Jason. They just adopted the MOST beautiful baby girl in February - Bella. I also have an older brother Casey (24) who is one my closest friends. My half brother Bob and his family live up in Seattle, which makes visits close to impossible. Can't leave out my amazing puppy, Freckles - he's been my BFF since 7th grade, and he turns 11 this year. I have no idea what I'll do when he's gone.

The biggest source of my attention, though, goes to the love of my life - Ryan Keith Feero. He recently asked me to be his wife, and we are planning on getting married December 11th of this year. He's my absolute, hands down, no doubt, no denying it - BEST FRIEND. He's been my rock, my friend, my companion, my jokester, and lovebird for over a year now, and i can't imagine life without him in it. We have many big plans for our life together, and the next few months will be filled with a ton of new things for the both of us. Wedding planning is proving to be pretty stressful and unique to say the least! I can do anything with Ryan by my side, though - so my outlook on everything is pretty great.

So other than God, family, school, work, and Ryan... life is pretty normal. I love music (LOVE it), art, photography, a good book, learning, strawberries (it's even my nickname), college football (go hogs!), and the office :) I'm a busy woman, but I always try to make time for what's important.
I'm hoping to keep up with this blogging pretty well - we will see how it goes! :)

carrie anne

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