Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ron Paul has been a favorite of mine for years. I was really disappointed years ago when he didn't make it any further than the primary election. I'm hoping that changes this time around. Check out this video to see why I like his stance so much. He has been extremely consistent, emphasizes liberty, and has the same views I take on war/the economy/foreign policy. I'm not a genius when it comes to politics, but I can recognize an intelligent, consistent, and decent candidate. He's it.
((and if you only watch one video on this page, watch the very last one from John Stewart))

This is one of my BIGGEST COMPLAINTS. Ron Paul came in 2nd in the straw poll in Iowa, and the ONLY candidates the major media are showing are: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, & Michelle Bachmann. He's doing GREAT stuff... and the American people don't know it because the MEDIA isn't showing it. Look him up!

Political rant. Over.

Monday, August 29, 2011

hog fan.

since football season is fast approaching, i feel like i should make it so very clear how much i love the hogs! since i was a little girl,
ive been cheering for my favorite team and going to games. i wish i had more pictures on my laptop scanned in from when i was a kid wearing my hog gear and being at the games/with the players. football is 5 days away :deep breath:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

new beginning.

How fitting it is that my last post was during my first week of seeing clients... now this post comes almost a year and a half later - I've graduated from JBU. I'm officially done with graduate school, and I'm now waiting "patiently" to get word that I passed my national exams to become a licensed therapist. There are more hoops to jump through after that, but that's the next step for now.

Being done has to be one of the absolute weirdest feelings in the world. Two weeks ago, I was scrambling to finish classes, get in my counseling hours, and balance life in between; now, I'm fighting boredom and having a difficult time just enjoying myself. Who would have thought relaxation would be such a battle!! In the mean time, I've been able to read a couple books, clean our entire house, and start little projects I enjoy.

Sometimes it's difficult for me to enjoy what I'm doing without it being "productive" or "assigned." This transition has been hard, but I really feel like it's necessary.

Also - I have a husband now. Last post, I was still a fiancee, but now we are officially married - almost 9 months. Marriage changed everything and nothing at the same time, and I absolutely love the paradox. It's a challenge I really do enjoy taking on, and we will have many bumps ahead, I'm sure... but I'm excited because I have such an amazing teammate. He has supported me through school, and he even threw me a graduation party over the weekend... I felt so honored. It's moments like that when you realize that you should stop, pause, and reflect on what has really happened (Selah).

So many family members and friends came to show support and love, and I was taken aback at how people really felt like I accomplished something so great. I guess I just got so caught up in the details of finishing school that I'm just now realizing the big picture of what I've done. I'm thankful I have this "forced break" between school and work to soak up some rest, relaxation, and fun. Ryan and I are going on our first big vacation this week to Vegas and the Grand Canyon... what a welcomed joy that is! Not being a student has been the most uncomfortable shift in roles I've experienced in my life, and I may become a student in the future (Ph.D!!!)... but for now, I'm in the space between and learning to embrace the transition.

It's the ending of a big chapter in my life, but what a wonderful new beginning it will create.