Monday, February 25, 2013


Word of caution to all my blog readers: I've debated on posting this but decided to for the hope it will bring some awareness. Last night, I drove to a local fast food restaurant, and while sitting between 2 cars in the drive-through, a man started walking close to my passenger side door. I checked to see that my doors were locked because I was instantly afraid. I listened to my fear and was on high alert. Next thing I know, this man came behind my car up to my driver's side window. He was between the exterior wall of the restaurant and my car door. Since I was between 2 cars, I couldn't move my vehicle. He asked me to roll down my window so we could "talk." After I yelled NO, he walked away. As soon as I got to the window, I informed the manager... Then noticed this man had positioned himself at the edge of the parking lot, my only exit. The manager yelled and told him the police would be called if he continued loitering, and he walked away. 

All of that to say, be careful. 
Listen to your instincts.
 I didn't feel bad or embarrassed at all that he made me afraid because I listened to my fear, and it helped me stay alert.
im thankful.
carrie anne


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