Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Twenty-Six: Picture of Your Family

Woo! February is here... Can't believe it! As of yesterday, I have been working at the new job for 2 months. It's completely flown by. I'm assuming that's how this entire month will go. Something EVERY weekend... and big decisions to make. 

As I type, I'm uploading a video for my Ph.D interview process -- a mock session that Ryan and I filmed together (he's the best fake client I've ever had). I don't know if I'll ever like seeing myself on a video, but hopefully my interviewers like what they see! 

So today -- A picture of my family. I'm choosing 4 pictures, actually. Not that I have that many families... we are all one family... but it I just don't have a recent picture of ALL of us together. Plus, this way - they are all kind of separated and organized :)

Here are the Craigs: 
Yes -- so here is my family! Jason (brother in law), Bella (niece), Chrissy (sister), Casey (brother), Carole (mom), Ryan (hubby), ME, William (daddy), Janie (Mammaw)

Here are the Feeros:
 Here are my In-Laws!!!  Bev (Grandma), Rick (Grandpa), John (Ryan's brother in law), Kelly (sister in law), Nana, Gramps, Stephen (brother in law), Robin (mother in law), Ryan (hubby!), Bryan (father in law), Jonathan (brother in law)

 Here we are with our parents. LOVE this picture :)

The Newest Feeros
And here are Ryan and I... the newest Feero family :) 

I love that we have such a rich, awesome family heritage to follow. We love our family traditions and the opportunity to carry and pass on such great love and encouragement we learned from our parents to our own kids one day... right now we just share it with each other :) 
We love you all SO much. You are the most important people in our lives. Can't imagine life without any of you... I'm so so soooooo proud to call you my family :)

im thankful.
carrie anne


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