Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite City

I'm on a roll this week! Blogging up a storm :)

This topic is such a tough one because I've been to a few different places, and it's hard for me to decide which is my favorite. I have a long-lasting love for New York City... I spent my first few weeks of life there, and it just is a special place I really like. Then, there's Vancouver. My honeymoon location and a really unique, amazing place. 

Finally... I have Atlanta. My home away from home for a long while. This is probably my favorite city. Not because of the geographical location... but because I think this is where I "grew up" in a lot of ways. First time to move out of my parents' house... first time away from home (far away from home) for longer than just a week vacation... meeting new people, going to new places, experiencing brand new things, experiencing God in whole new ways... I really started to become an adult by moving there, and I have some really awesome memories from the time I spent there.

I got my nose pierced -- that was fun. I went to the beach, Stone Mountain, the BIG city downtown... experienced REAL traffic for the first time in my life... was forced to budget, pay rent, bills, etc... Met some AMAZING people whom my soul will cherish for the rest of my life. The people I connected with were some of the best, most genuine, and heartfelt friends I've ever had. They loved me so much, and it was so great to get to experience such genuine friendship in that season of my life. 

Atlanta was also a place for me to heal. I was out of high school, going into my 2nd year of college... still a kid in so many ways but not enough of an adult to be called one. I had been really hurt in relationships and by "people" in general, and I think the decision to move to Atlanta really helped heal my heart and show me just how beneficial friendships and even vulnerability can be. 

Of course -- Atlanta is a FUN place to be. I've lost count how many times I've been there before and after my long stay there. I love the downtown area - Ryan even had a banner made when he proposed with my favorite building in Atlanta on it. I wanted to be in Atlanta for his proposal so bad... so he brought Atlanta to us. It meant the world to me. 
The city has an Ikea, festivals ALL the time, gorgeous parks, amazing and different food, nightlife, events, etc etc etc... It was so awesome to get to live the "big city" life for a season of my life ((my heart will always and forever be for Arkansas, though)).

multicultural festival -- "coya coya coya coya!!!!" 

moving into the apartment with furniture from Ikea... I'm packed in the backseat w/ it all! 

My 1st MLB game... Braves vs. Cardinals - of course I was cheering for the Cards :) 

4th of July with the girls 

downtown atl at the Coke factory... 

my last night in ATL that summer - celebrated at the Pie Bar :) 

Good ol Timber Trace -- AKA: the place where the pizza man wouldn't deliver :) 

I love my Jelly! 

love those girls! 


emtily :) love you! 

marnizzle -- love you, girl. 

Jon Sloan!!! You always made me laugh -- think of you & your dad every summer now...

Sweet Meliss... I love you so! DO WORK 

My little mermaid... you're the best. 

Do you remember seeing Mutemath? That's where we were! 

There's my favorite building... view from the revolving hotel :) 

Alex & Dave - 2 of the best men I know! 

VORTEX -- best burger I've ever had in my life. 

Miss Jeanne Mayo <3 

love you Jelly. 

MISSY! I love you so much! 

There's my Samoan friend -- think your brothers will get mad that I forgot to add a picture of them!?  

Our engagement. There's my favorite building right there <3 

So there's my favorite city - a busy, crazy, amazing, fun, and unique place... with so many wonderful memories for me. 

im thankful.
carrie anne


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