Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Twenty: Nicknames

Well, my trip to Virginia has been booked! I'm officially heading to Virginia Beach in less than a month. Seriously can't believe it, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm excited and pretty nervous, but I think as I prepare more, my nerves will turn into more excitement :)

Today's post is about my nicknames...

Well, my most popular nickname is probably Carrie Strawberry or just Strawberry. I've had that nickname for over 20 years, and lots of different people use it. Almost all my friends from Atlanta know me as Strawberry, and my family calls me Berry or Bear for short. It all started when a neighbor of ours (who had a THICK New York accent) saw me eating strawberries as a little girl and noticed I was eating a TON. He called me "Carrie Strawberry" in his accent, and it has stuck ever since then :) Now, a lot of people buy me presents or little things of strawberries or w/ strawberries on them... and even my license plate on my car is STRWBRY

 my tattoo//i gave him a tattoo with a sharpie pen that says "strawberry"

some of my ATL friends that call me Strawberry 

 In Central Park in NYC... Strawberry Fields - memorial to John Lennon

Saw this street sign on a cross country road trip with my mom -- this is in Tennessee 

 Strawberry Cake for me!

When I played softball, I played 3rd base (because everyone knows it's the absolute best position on the field)... and you get a ton of ground balls in that area of the field. I was coached to "charge the ball" and scoop it up and throw to the bag. I got pretty darn good at getting those ground balls, and my nickname in softball then became "Scoop." Now, you can tell by my illustrious softball career how successful I became haha... but for the time I played, I was decent, and softball was WAY better than my basketball career.

My nicknames from Ryan are almost too many to name... some of them embarrassing haha. When we first started dating, he called me Doc. He knew my field of study, and he thought that I could solve all the problems in the world -- so Doc seemed appropriate. As time went on, we had a major connection with Disney. I became Slots from The Brave Little Toaster (Ryan was Plugsie), and he also called me Buttercup because that's how I described how daffodils looked like. He often calls me his Beloved, but our go-to nicknames for each other are Babe or Boo. I rarely ever call him Ryan (unless I'm saying Ryan Keith), and I rarely ever hear him say my name! haha

 our "wedding tattoos" -- mine says "I am my beloved's," and his says the same in Hebrew.


That's pretty much it for nicknames... short & sweet today. I'm sure this helps balance my extremely long post from the other day :) Hope you're doing well if you're reading this... I'm glad to know you even in the smallest way through this blogging world :)

im thankful.
carrie anne.


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