Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Twenty-Five: iTunes on Shuffle, 1st Ten Songs

I'm home sick from work today (yuck). I really don't like missing work now... makes me feel even worse that I'm not there. We had a full weekend, and I guess my body just got worn out - woke up this morning with a horrible headache, nausea, and a fever. 
After a full Friday night eating, watching movies, and drinking coffee with Ryan's parents... Ryan and I made the trip back to Little Rock this weekend to retrieve Mammaw from her week with Aunt Helen. We got to spend the day with her and then met up with the rest of my family at my mom and dad's house. Lots of fun being with them. Sunday was also full: eating, visiting my parent's new house, and going to see The Grey. So good :)

February will be a busy, busy month for me. This weekend is my sweet niece's 2nd birthday, and I'm so excited to celebrate Bella :) I have lots of preparing to do for my next big adventure, which is in less than 2 weeks... my trip to Virginia for the interview to get into the Ph.D program. I'm flying out there alone and staying 2 nights (eek!)... then the next weekend is MY BIRTHDAY! Lots of exciting things happening - I love February <3

Blogging Challenge for today: List of the First 10 Songs with my iTunes on Shuffle

Rusty Halo - The Script
--LOVE The Script... First heard them a little over a year ago, and I still love this album

Hold Me Close - Starkz
--been listening to Starkz since junior high/high school days. They played an acoustic show at my 18th birthday party at my house - coolest thing ever :)

Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
--typical... mainstream... guilty pleasure

 I'm On a Boat - Lonely Island
--little embarrassed that this one made the list. I listened to this when I went to South Carolina and first started talking to Ryan <3

 Consumer - August Burns Red
--reminds me from my days of black hair and piercings... still love a good breakdown

 Airplane - Imogen Heap
--mmmmmm... Imogen Heap.

 Hey - Leeland
--listen to this song to make any day a happy one.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Brian McKnight
--always have/always will love Brian McKnight... seen him in concert twice - SO amazing

Hog Call - University of Arkansas Marching Band
--SO proud that this came on shuffle. LOVE my Razorback album... it's my alarm in the morning :)

Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting - Elton John
--Good ol' Elton. Love classic music

so there's the scoop on life lately and my random songs. Hoping to feel better and get back to work... and start preparing for this upcoming month. I'd rather be busy than bored.

im thankful.
carrie anne


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