Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Nineteen: Something You Miss

It's been a while!!! The new job has forced another transition in my life... well, a TON of transitions actually. Just when I thought that I was experiencing the most transitions of my life a few months ago, I enter a new season with an insane amount of "new." Work has been stressful, amazing, difficult, rewarding, and challenging - which is exactly why I love it. I am being stretched as a clinician and as a person, and I deeply love what I do. I've also been putting a lot of effort into my supervision, and I'm really pleased with that process so far. I feel myself growing as a professional as well as an individual (the 2 can't really be separated, right?)

 Needless to say, trying to find time to blog has been absolutely crazy. I actually had a really long and draining day today. I felt like blogging would help and be a little therapeutic for myself :) And I chose to go out of order in my "30 Day Challenge." Day 18 will come next, but the topic for Day 19 has been on my mind so much lately... I wanted to blog about this today. 

Something I Miss: My dear, sweet, amazing, challenging, beautifully broken, and inspiring Signet.

I don't think that the people from this group will ever realize how much they mean to me and how much they taught me. That was one of the absolute best seasons of my life... not because it was easy - actually it was because it was difficult. I was in a season of healing, and leading such an amazing group of students was one of the major factors in my spiritual healing. You inspired me to be better, refocused my attention on what was truly important, and encouraged me greatly. Now that I'm in the workforce and thinking about my future... I often think about naming my private practice in counseling after Signet - just because I know how much healing I received and growth I experienced during my time in that group. It was so very special. 

I deeply miss that group. Signet has and always hold SUCH a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. I only have fond memories now when I think back on that time in my life. I don't know if I've ever laughed so much in my life either. You all brightened my life and showed me such joy. You made being a leader of that group so much fun and so enjoyable. 

One of the reasons I miss Signet so much is because I had to leave before the group technically "ended." I watched you grow from afar and beamed with pride when I saw how successful you became (and are still becoming). I fought to stay with the group, and I wanted to stay with you until the end. In some ways, I feel closer to some of you because we had to make it a point to spend time together outside of the usual nights we used to share. It broke my heart to have to leave, but I try and hold tight to the fact that we still have relationship and deep love between us no matter what.

Family. Is. Forever.

All of you have made me so proud. You have made a lasting impact on me, and I know I'll continue to use the lessons I learned from that season of my life forever. I believe in each one of you. If life isn't where you want it to be right now, you don't have to stay there. It's never too late to turn around and make good choices. Flee from evil, and cling to good. You are some of my greatest treasures in life, and I will always love each one of you. My heart is forever changed because of the ways you have touched me with your unique and amazing lives... I am forever grateful to each of you for opening up your lives and sharing them with me. You'll never know quite how much I valued my time with you, but I hope this is a small way for me to show you just how much it meant to me. You will always have a very very very special place in my heart.  

I love you all.

 Key lime pie!

im thankful. 
carrie anne


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