Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Two: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Okay - so my blog name is "Strawberry Swing." 

I started this blog a while ago... I don't even think I was engaged yet? I can't remember! haha... anyway, I wasn't a newlywed or anything in particular come to think of it. I was just me. One of the reasons most of my "things" have been signed or printed 'carrie anne' is because I always thought it was a pain to have your maiden name on something for the rest of your life after you get married... "carrie anne" saved me from that trouble.

but back to the blog name. The point of all that ^ is to simply explain that I didn't want my blog name to be my name. I wanted something that represented me in a cool way... hence strawberry swing

When I was a little girl... like 3-4 years old, I lived in Barling, Arkansas - just a stone's throw from where I live now. We had a pretty neat group of neighbors who became good friends in time, and one family was from the New York area. The dad had a THICK accent. One summer day, I got into the strawberries. The story goes that I ate the whole carton... and the guy from New York with his thick accent started calling me "Carrie Strawberry." I can never duplicate the accent the way he said it, but I think it was the accent that made the nickname stick. To this day, people still call me strawberry... my parents call me berry or bear (I sometimes have to explain to my friends that bear is short for strawberry...). Heck, my license plate even says "STRWBRY." :) 

This is me back in 11th grade. In Central Park -- Strawberry Fields (living memorial for John Lennon).

So there's that part. Strawberry (like the number 13) has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid... I've looked for things with strawberries, and people are always quick to give gifts with a strawberry theme. Just a few years ago, one of my favorite bands (Coldplay) came out with an album (Viva La Vida) that I love very very very much. On that album is the song, "Strawberry Swing." I absolutely LOVE it. It's a perfect, feel good, happy song, and it's got the word strawberry in the title! 

When I was trying to come up with a blog name... I was struggling to find something that I felt represented me in a non-cheesy, non-cliche, not typical way. I felt like Strawberry Swing is who I "am," but it's also what I want other people to feel when they read my blog! 
Take a listen to the song to understand what I mean: it makes me feel inspired, happy, and encouraged. 

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. That's really cool and unique! love it!! thanks for sharing I have been wondering what that meant ;)