Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day Thirteen: Goals

Well, I'm a little bit behind on my 30 day blogging challenge :) I initially just wanted to make sure to post on weekdays and leave the weekends to fun and relaxation... I've taken a little bit of a break lately! haha -- This past weekend was Ryan's birthday, and we celebrated for days!

Thursday was our tree decoration day... so our house is now in full-swing, Christmas mode. I absolutely love it! Here's what I got Ryan for his Birthmas:  

card, Christmas candy, Christas tobacco, old Christmas movie, & his favorite beer... in the seasonal flavor :) 

 Here's our tree!!!

We probably took like 200 pictures in front of the tree... I never really like ANY of them -- :)

After celebrating with his family on Friday night... we woke up Saturday & we left for St. Louis bright and early... and we had a really great time. We checked in our AMAZING hotel (thank you, priceline.com for the 4 star hotel for CHEAP!)... It was amazing!   

yep -- that's the arch... in our hotel window!!! I had to get down on the ground to get the whole thing -- we were so close! 

 here's a better view from our hotel!

then we headed to the Busch brewery for a tour and free samples! 

Then we came back to the hotel to change and watch the end of the razorback game (we won!).... Then headed to dinner at Schlafly Tap Room -- such great beer and food! That's where I surprised Ryan with tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan. He was so excited, and we rushed to the show... Jim was hilarious as we expected. Then we got to listen in the car as Oregon lost and then OU tumbled as well.

It was a great kickoff to the next part of our night... more beer! haha -- I found an awesome place in STL called International TapHouse... Ryan found his new favorite beer, and I loved the atmosphere.
 they have over 300 bottled beer and 20 beers on tap (they change them out every 2 months, too!)

his favorite beer now :) 


outside International TapHouse

We headed back to the hotel, went to sleep very quickly, and woke up too early the next day. We checked out the arch before we left... and then drove by my Cardinals stadium - location of the 2011 World Series victory!!!! :) 

Then we headed back to Fort Smith to eat and celebrate with my family. What a weekend!!! I love planning special things for my hubby<3

he finally got his BMFP shirt :)


Today is supposed to be about my goals. I've actually been sort of putting this post off for a while because I wanted to make sure I had time and enough brain power to really think about my goals. I am for sure that I will forget a ton of things that I would like to do/see/accomplish... my brain has been scattered lately. I'll more than likely update this later! :)

Short Term Goals
Get my license number and start my job!!!
Be a hard-working employee at my new job and learn my things quickly!
Keep Christ at the center of this holiday season... and not get lost in it
Continue to work out and eat right - even during the holidays!
Celebrate Thanksgiving with family
Enjoy our 1st anniversary trip in a couple weeks and make lasting memories
Officially 'graduate' with my Master's (The ceremony is in December)
Finish my application for my Ph.D program
Go to whatever Bowl Game the Razorbacks play in this year :)

Long-Term Goals
Graduate with my Ph.D
Start my own Private Practice in counseling
Teach at the graduate level
Prayerfully, adopt (see how adoption has changed me hereand birth children
Get DEBT FREE!!!! 
Put more in our retirement fund/savings/IRA
Travel to Haiti (oh, my heart)
Write a book
Build our dream home
Be Razorback Football season ticket holders & take our kids to the games
Go on vacation with my family and see my dad on a boat on the ocean

SomeDay Goals
Go see our Canucks play (NHL Hockey!)
Watch the Hogs play in the National Championship
See the Northern Lights
Travel more internationally (Europe, Africa, Australia)
Go to Bora Bora.
Stay at the Maldives
Basically - lots of travel :)
Go watch the Cardinals in the World Series
Go to Germany for Oktoberfest & the Christmas market
Be on TEDTalks and share something meaningful
Gain a mentor in the counseling field
Go to more concerts (Beyonce, Alicia Keys, David Phelps, Celine Dion and anybody I've already seen)
Get another tattoo
Sing during a live concert I'm attending

Life-Term Goals
Be consistently devoted to God & grow in my relationship with Him
Be a loving, respectful, and faithful wife to Ryan Keith
If I get the role of momma... to be a loving, fun, and gracious mom.
 Share the lives of those family members before me & leave a lasting legacy for my family 
Cherish my family and friends
Continually process and work on myself as a person
Never Give Up

There are a few goals I have... Some very serious, some kinda quirky -- all perfect goals for me :) I wish I had time to make an addendum to this post about all the goals I've already accomplished... I've set the bar high for my life because I know that's one way to reach my dreams! I consider myself so blessed to have been given the opportunities, resources, and people in my life to get where I am today. 

By no means am I here because of ME - it's only because of God that I am able to breathe today... let alone accomplish my dreams. I take that into consideration when I list out what'd I'd like to see happen years from now... some of them seem overwhelming, but I'm sure my life as a 24 year old would have seemed overwhelming had I seen it when I was 20. God makes a way, and I know some of these things probably won't ever happen... but I'm hoping a certain few do. Regardless, I'm learning to trust Him more -- I'm sure some of these things made Him laugh as I typed them because He's got such a great story for me to live out that I'm so completely unaware of. Those are the best stories, right?

im thankful.
carrie anne


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