Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Ten: Something You're Afraid Of

I forgot to mention yesterday that this week is RYAN'S BIRTHDAY WEEK... or as we now call it "Ryan's Birthmas." See, Ryan LOVES Christmas, and since I met him, I've made his birthdays all Christmas themed. Our first year together, I took him to Branson when it was all decked out in Christmas lights and music. Last year, I bought us our first Christmas tree, and all his presents were Christmas-y. Hence... Ryan's Birthmas. It's become a tradition that we put up our tree for his birthday, and Christmas officially begins for us :) I'm SO excited for this week because I absolutely LOVE giving gifts. I've planned a really special time for us, and I am almost positive he will love it :)

Also... In honor of Ryan's Birthmas, I completed my first (and probably last) Christmas craft of the year. I started this thing last December (seriously thinking that I'd finish it while I was planning our wedding and finishing up my semester in grad school)... At least it's done, and I think it turned out pretty darn well!

Now that's said and explained.... Today, I'm supposed to post about something I'm afraid of. This will NOT be a deep, thoughtful post. This will be a real life fear of mine. 


And not just any birds..

 Momma birds

I had a face to beak experience with a momma bird when I was younger, and I have never looked at them the same way. On one hand, I totally get and respect the whole "protecting the baby birds" thing... on the other, this momma bird went WAY crazy and swooped/attacked my face. I may or may not have cried I was so scared. 

This whole incident occurred in my parents' garage right after we got our first video camera. I noticed that there was a bird's next up on top of the shelving in there, and I thought it would be neat to film a day-to-day recap of the bird eggs that turned into baby birds. Seemed reasonable...

I didn't even get past the first day!

As I was walking away from the nest, out of NOWHERE comes this freaking crazy momma bird... swooping, flapping, and scaring the absolute piss out of me. I dropped to the ground, screamed for help, and crawled inside.... where my entire family laughed at my plight. To this day, when I see a bird building a nest close to my house/front door, I inwardly shudder. Just the thought of the momma bird THINKING that I was harming her babies scares me!

my WORST nightmare. AHHH!!!

Also... The fear also comes alongside a bone I have to pick with a few birds from my lifetime: 

When I was a little girl, I got chased by a duck at a local park. Those things can peck and nip you like crazy! And I lived to tell the story today.

I also got pooped on by a seagull on a family vacation to the beach. Seriously. It was our last morning there. I was in normal clothes... about to get in our van and head home. And some seagull didn't like me taking his picture and flew over and dropped a goopy poop on my head. A quick head dunk in the ocean and my mom's scrubbing took care of that. Still... so gross 

So there's something I'm afraid of. Stinking BIRDS
I've counted myself so blessed that no bird has made her nest near our home since we moved in.

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. Your wreath is awesome, well done on getting it finished :)