Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day Sixteen: Dream Home

So I'm still sick... yuck. I hate that all my cold/sinus junk came so early this year - hopefully that means that it will leave sooner :) I was at least able to get dressed and out of the house today... for a great reason! I got to sign all my paperwork for my new job and get everything set up... I'll be starting work THIS WEEK if everything lines up. ((C'mon, state board!)) I'm pretty excited, but I wish I felt better to start a new job and meet all these new people. I guess it doesn't really matter, though... I'll be faking it til I make it all week! Can't waste time now!

Well, today's post is supposed to be about my dream home. After my last post dealing with materialism, I feel like anything I say will be a contradiction ; ) However... I think I can dream some -- it's just becoming so focused on the dream that I lose sight of reality that causes problems. 

I had an idea of what my dream home was... then I met Pinterest. This little ol site has just flooded my creative mind with TONS of ideas for a future home, and what I thought I wanted now has pictures and floor plans and even paint colors! haha Needless to say, I definitely have an entire board devoted to my dream home.

Now, to be fair... and very honest.... 
  • My TRUE dream home is wherever I'm with my husband... I'd sleep in a tent under a tree with him if that's where we had to live to be together. 
  • If I'm REALLY REALLY honest... my dream home would be paid IN FULL, and everything inside would be completely paid for. No debts, no payments, nothing. If that means we pick a less ornate house with less expensive furniture/decorations, that's what we'll have! 
  • A dream home to me is something within our means that we actually OWN... not property are paying off from the banks/Ashley furniture/etc. 
  • I would also love for all our kids to have their own rooms because I loved that growing up after sharing a room with my siblings.
  • I would also love to have a big, big yard (what other super-churched person just sang "where we can play football"?)  ...a big, big yard...  for a big, big dog. :)  I'd also love to own a horse one day, too... I'm dreaming so much right now!
  • A pool is something I must have to please the hubby. He grew up with a pool and absolutely LOVES the water during the summer. I'd be a loved wifey if I gave him a pool. Plus, I love to sunbathe (responsibly, of course). 
  • A great backyard would be so perfect. To go with the pool/hot tub scene, I'd love an outdoor fire pit and grill for entertaining and parties... I love hanging out in the backyard when the weather is nice. 
  • I would also LOVE a big kitchen... I haven't quite decided on color/theme, but I know I want it big because everyone also seems to wind up hanging out in the kitchen while the cooking is going on. Plus, when we have kids... I want everybody in the kitchen helping!
  • I'd love to give my hubby a "man room" (where I would probably hang out the most)... with a big TV, Razorback memorabilia, poker table... and a bathroom with a urinal. Why does he think that's so cool?! haha I don't know... but I'd give it to him if it'd make him as happy as he gets talking about it. 
  • Now... what would make me happy is a theater room. Big pillows, surround sound, projector/screen, no lights, comfy couches... maybe a popcorn machine? I might not ever leave!
  • Lastly... I'd love to have a LIBRARY. I'm most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast out of all the Disney movies I think... because giving away her freaking library make ME weak in the knees. I'd love to have a place where our kids can grow up reading and making memories around literature and the written words. Don't hate... our kids won't be too big of nerds :) [[their parents love football WAY too much for that]]
So to Recap, my Dream Home = a paid off home where I live with my husband and kids in our own rooms with our paid off furniture and decorations with a big, big yard for a big, big dog (and somewhere maybe a horse) with a hot tub/pool next to the fire pit and grill in the backyard. It also has a real big kitchen and a razorback man room for poker and a urinal for my hubby, a theater room for movie days and a big library for me. 

I think maybe we can handle all that :) 

Here are some pictures from my Pinterest board for my dream home: 
I really love this kitchen. The floors, the countertops, the backsplash/rock... I might like it more if all the cabinets were dark like the island... maybe :) 

now, THIS... is a library :) 

didn't mention this up there ^... but a wine/beer cellar would be a-mazing! 

firepit, hot tub, and pool area... awesome. 

I LOVE this back porch... Makes me think that me, my mom, and my sister would all be sitting right there watching the boys do silly things in the backyard :)

So that's the Dream House! It's hard not to think about where we'll live one day and what it will be like... but I'm blessed to have a great home right now that I really do love. It's small and cute and most importantly - cheap :) haha... but it's "ours," and it will be for a few more years. We're blessed to have a place to live, and all the dreaming up there is just fun to do. Wherever we live in the future will be my dream home because i'll share it with the people I love. 

im thankful.
carrie anne


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  2. It’s sweet for you to point out that your TRUE dream home is wherever with your husband, and you’d sleep in a tent under a tree with him if that's where you had to live to be together. Let me just say that you really have a superb taste for a dream house. The wine cellar, fire pit, hot tub, and pool area are absolutely breathtaking! Levi Ervin

  3. I agree with you that the perfect place to live is where you can be with your family, somewhere you can raise your kids and live a peaceful, happy life. Those photos really are breathtaking though! Especially the library and the wine cellar. Perfect hiding spots to spend your time alone. Haha!

    Keith Teynor

  4. There’s nothing more ideal than living with your own family. A perfect house may showcase beautiful aesthetics, but a home is something that’s composed of special memories you spent with your loved ones. You can take it as a bonus if you got a beautiful house, like those in photos above, as well.

    Gina Sutton @ Traditions Realty Team