Monday, November 14, 2011

Day Nine: Your Friends

We had a wonderful weekend. Jam-packed full of fun... The Hogs won, and that made me REALLY happy. We got to hang out with some friends, spend time with family, and with each other... can't beat that. 

So -- Today, I'm supposed to post about my friends. I think I have a lot of different good friends... from many places, walks of life, and seasons in my own life. I tried to keep this post to the very tippy top of the list for me. I have very few BEST/GREAT friends, and I like to keep it that way. I invest a LOT in my friendships, and I deeply love the people I call my closest friends.

to start, I think my family is the closest thing you can get to true friendship. I love each and every person in this picture, and they hold the TOP spots in my life for: time, love, forgiveness, etc... They are priceless to me. 

Here are Ryan and I's newest friends, Amilya & Noel. We have so much fun with them... and we get to take awkward photos like this! We took this on 11.11.11 - after our epic wishes.  :)  I'm so glad that I've got a girl friend here in town who will shop with me and sign us up for free makeovers, too! haha... You've been so uplifting to me lately, and it's been so great spending time together!  we really love you guys. 

Next, is mah gurrrrrl, Aletha. I have known her for years, and I love her to pieces. She's at basic training right now... I definitely miss her. We've experienced a lot together! I love you, boo!

 She's a huge razorback fan... instantly a friend :)

at my college graduation in 2008. love her! 

here we are at the John Legend concert. Good mawnin!!! 

my birthday party at Fridays where I got into a verbal match with a middle aged woman... oh, and Aletha made me a giant cake in the shape of a cupcake! 

About to watch T.I.  -- seriously.  

summertime. eating watermelon! 

girls' night! Pub Crawl... <3
You're so sweet and caring and thoughtful. I love you -- and I know wherever you go, we'll always be in touch and a booty drop away from each other!

Kat is my TNT. We have been good friends for a few years... with a small break in the mix of it all... but now, we are back to being full-on TNT again. Unfortunately, Kat lives in Austin... and I don't get to see her very often. But she just got married like 4 days ago -- we are totally planning trips to Austin :) 

My 21st birthday. Remember my old apartment, Kat? Many long talks there :) 

College graduation! :)  

In OKC... I'm surprised we are still able to keep our eyes open for this picture.  

summer party at my house. :) 

Remember sitting and talking in these Barbie chairs in wal mart? We definitely got some weird looks.  

4th of July in Atlanta! :) such a fun trip!

I love you, Kat!! You are so so so sweet and funny... You share my same passion for no BS and keep me grounded. I'm so pumped that you're married now, and we can encourage each other in different ways now. You'll always have a very special place in my heart... plus, your wittiness keeps me sharp :)

Last but definitely not least... is my best friend, Jessica LeAnne. I met her in 5th grade when her family moved to Arkansas, and we've basically been best friends ever since. My world got so rocked when she and her family had to move to Georgia the summer before our senior year of high school... I missed her so much, and I still do. We haven't lived in the same town (or state!) for 7 years now. We keep in touch and try to plan visits as often as our schedule allows... i love you :)

the infamous "grilled cheese" face... 

College graduation -- Grilled Cheese.  

Do you remember when we thought there was a robber in the house in Atlanta!?  Armed with knives. 

Graduation party. My best friend is SO pretty. I'm so jealous of your hair right now.  

Is this the best picture we've ever taken!? :) 

At Friday's...........  

our fake laugh... that turned into real laughter. I love this picture.  

you threw the BEST Bachelorette Party... I'm wearing a string of weiners, holding a boob cake, and I see jello penises on the counter. You're totally my best friend :) 

my maid of honor... and ALWAYS my best friend. 

You've ALWAYS been there for me... even when I was off the deep end and didn't think I needed anyone. You've supported me, loved me, and helped me through more things than I can even count! You've made trips to Arkansas to celebrate big moments in my life... when I know it wasn't always convenient or the best timing for you... and you've always come with the best attitude and ready to just pick up where we last left off. I don't deserve to have such an amazing friend like you, but you're definitely stuck with me. I love you more than anything, and I'm SOOOO ready for a visit. You'll always be my best friend. IDFU.

im thankful.
carrie anne


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