Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day Fourteen: A Picture You Love

AH! What a CRAZY week!!! Gotta love the holidays :) Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. I got to spend time with both sides of my family and made some great memories. Ryan left Friday morning to head out to the woods to hunt with his dad and brothers... I've been bunkin with my parents for the weekend, and it's been pretty fun! I got to hang out with my brother and KaLee last night... and today has been pretty busy, too. Casey took some pictures of me for some graduation announcements I'm designing, and we all headed up to Fayetteville to the Arkansas Razorback Basketball game. Casey sang the national anthem, and he did SOOO great!!! It was awesome to get to be back in Bud Walton Arena to watch the hogs, too :) Tomorrow will be more family time: mainly church in the morning and hanging out in the afternoon... Then I will be "patiently" waiting for Ryan to get back home!! 

Today is supposed to be a picture I love... and maybe it's because I'm just missing my husband, but I picked our first picture we ever took together. It's so funny to look back at this photo and think about the people we were back in April of 2009. Young kids really. I was really starting to like this guy, and he was the sweetest, nicest, funniest guy to me. I was nervous about where this whole thing was headed (I just didn't date anybody!!!)... but I knew that this felt wayyyy different than anything I'd ever experienced before.

I distinctly remember Ryan saying at one point that we should just strap on our seatbelts and enjoy the ride/roller coaster :) It has definitely been a crazy adventure since then, but I wouldn't change anything. Our bumps, hiccups, and screw ups are beautiful to me... they brought me closer to my best friend, and they make me cherish the seasons we share together as a married couple now.

 If you told that girl in the picture that she was standing next to her future husband... I don't think she would be surprised. There was something very different and imperfectly perfect about Ryan Keith that calmed my little heart and opened me up enough to give him a chance to be my boyfriend...fiance...husband :) Like I've said (and will continue to say), God writes the BEST stories. It's only because of Him that two broken people found love and continue to try and be love to each other... and will forever <3

im thankful. 
carrie anne


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