Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Four: Your Parents

Realized that I didn't blog all weekend... what can I say -- the Razorbacks played Saturday and won!!! We celebrated my dad's birthday, and we had a really full weekend. You know it's a good one when you're going to bed Sunday night and your cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much. We love our families and our new friends Darren & Kathryn (who we had an awesome time with Friday night). 

Well, this post is dedicated to my parents :) They are my real life heroes, and they are my biggest supporters. I honestly don't think I would be in the position I'm in today if it weren't for their encouragement, prayers, discipline, and love. They've been married 32 years. Here's to you both. I love you VERY much. 

this is my mom and dad on their wedding day!! June 13th, 1979.  

my dad holding me the day I was born. We've been best buds ever since :) 

Check out our family!! Straight from the freaking 90's! I'm the blondie with blue eyes on the right if you can believe it... :)

mom and daddy 

our family right before I graduated high school.  

me and momma 

I'd like to think that my parents can count the few times I've really sent them into "heart attack mode"... this is one of them. I'm getting in that little ol' plane for the sole reason of jumping out of it. Skydiving!!  

mom and me 

the amount of pictures we have together when we're tickled is too many to count.  

daddy-o and me 

love my parents!!! 

sweet daddy 

in St. Louis 

In the Arch musuem in St. Louis 

We are a Cardinals family! Love em 

momma and me 

this will forever crack me up. I know my mom will love the fact that it's up on the internet :) 

parents and me at my college graduation :) 

momma and daddy. 

one reason i love my parents is the fact that they always wanted to be involved in my life. What you can't see behind the camera is probably 75 people crammed in our house to celebrate my college graduation. Having people over for parties was NEVER an issue for them. They always wanted us to bring our friends over, and I was always proud to.

me and daddy 

Christmas morning! 

One of our last minute cross country trips. We are in Tennessee here... and mom "got skeeeered." 

random little kitchen photo shoot haha 

we always keep momma laughing 

love her. 

on our cruise to Cozumel! 

before dinner on the Cruise 

so good looking! 

we are a Hog family <3 

love you. 

with their first grandbaby :) 

 on another last minute trip with momma - we're on the river in San Antonio :)

Another portion of the trip -- we are at the Sweet 16 game in the NCAA tournament in Houston. 

wedding day. my momma is gorgeous.  

me and daddy. 

probably the best walk I've ever taken with my daddy :) 

love them together. 

So there are my parents. They are the best :) I truly consider myself so blessed to be raised by such amazing people. They inspire me to be better, trust God more, and to invest in my own marriage. I feel like they've raised me pretty darn well... They gave me the "essentials" of life, plus WAY more... I've gotten to enjoy many things, seen so many places, and learned a ton of lessons because of their parenting and leadership. I pray that I'm half the parents they are to my kids one day... And I can't wait to have them be "Grams & Pops" to my kiddos. I know many children have a hard time with how they were raised or what kind of people their parents were. I try not to take for granted that I was blessed with two amazing people as my parents, and I'm grateful their story is one I'm proud to share. 

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. Your parents seem so sweet. They've obviously done a great job of parenting, your love for them is tangible.