Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Five: Your Siblings

It's been really rainy lately... parts of me LOVE the rain and how refreshing it is -- other parts really don't like it because it makes me sleeeeeeeeeepy and lazy. I've been busy this week trying to get everything together to start working. There's so much more to it than I thought at the beginning. We met with a CPA last week, and there's lots of paperwork and things to get set up (for taxes - woo) before I start working. 

[[Also, I've decided to go ahead and apply for a doctoral program. I've really tried to think and pray about this for a few weeks, and I think the next best step is to at least apply and see how that goes. We'll see. There's a lot to this application, too.]]

So for my blogging challenge today, I get to talk about my siblings! How fun!! I was raised in a very close-knit family, and we have all learned to be brother and sisters/best friends. I get to see my siblings at least once a week, and we love hanging out together with the family. One of our favorite things to do is to watch the Razorbacks on TV... or even better, to watch them in person :) We have gone to the games since we were little kids, and we are all really big fans. We all three love music very much, too... we all love to sing. 

As with most every one of my posts, the pictures do the talking. Let's look :)

this has to be one of the best pictures of me and casey :)  

us when we were teeny tiny <3 

I guess I'm turning 2 here... with an extra candle for next year :) My sweet sister holding my hand! 

yay for sister sleepovers :)  -- my big sissy had a WATERbed... I thought it was so cool. 

anybody remember Showbiz Pizza?!  Love how case is checking out my birthday cake

another birthday at Showbiz...casey, you're still looking at my cake! 

At our old house in Barling. 

between my denim skirt and casey's socks.... yikes! 

we've hit junior high...... 

yes, we've ALWAYS been silly.

Let's get to present day pictures!! 

this is my beautiful older sister, Chrissy. She's 7 years older than me and has the only grandbaby in the family so far! :) 

my good looking brother, Casey. He's a whole 15 months older than me. 

at a basketball game. 

Christmas morning... sister is so excited. 

my college graduation - casey needs a nap. 

my 21st birthday :) 

at another baseball game. 

dave matthews concert in memphis. boy, was it hot. 

his eyes were protesting the flash on my camera. 

love my sissybutt :) 

us kiddos. 

look who's sitting on who's lap now...... 

at PF Changs - one of my favorites!!!! 

In St. Louis for the Cardinals game :) 

me and sissy after she got married and moved in! 

love you! 

FLASHBACK: Check out my dad, casey, & me here!!!!! 

celebrating Mammaw's 80th birthday together! 

chrissy, me, & jason at my graduation! 

he loved making fun of my weird faces. 

we love our Cards - and each other! 

Before the Robert Randolph concert in Fayetteville! 


all of us in the dressing room! 

we got pink pocket knives for Christmas. Still have mine in my purse!  

love my brother. 


love you both. 

 best buds.

check out casey's eyes... lol 

on the day ryan proposed <3 

at the hog baseball game before casey sang the national anthem!! 

at the jonny lang concert at Rib Room :) 

 on our way to the SUGAR BOWL :)

older siblings -- always looking out for me. 

at one of my bridal showers - card was full of confetti... I was thrilled. Not. I just love my sister's reaction. 

SUGAR BOWL in New Orleans. 

notice the theme of funny faces so far? 

love you, bubby. 

on Father's Day. 


 on my wedding day.

with the little one. 

you're my best friends!

I'm SOOOO glad we were raised in the same family -- grew up together -- and still want to be in each other's lives all the time! Family has always been important to me, and you're two of the biggest reasons why!! I look up to you as my older brother and sister, and I love you more than anything. There will never be anything that will divide us or keep us from being family. I plan on being close to you guys for forever... so you better get used to puttin up with me!!! I love you I love you I love you! There's never a day I don't thank God for creating you as my brother and sister... He sure did a amazing job :)

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. I'm loving these posts Carrie Anne! My sister is my best friend too, family is such an important part of life xx