Monday, November 28, 2011

Day Fifteen: Bible Verse

Forgot to share the good news in my last blog post: I FINALLY GOT MY LICENSE NUMBERS!!! I can start work now... at some point! They came in the mail after exactly 5 weeks of waiting. Wow. I'm so glad they are here, and I can start getting my whole job thing started :)

Bad news for today: im sick. It's been a pretty rough day to say the least. It's hard to get started with work and everything when I'm in bed and feeling awful... timing, timing, timing. It actually came on SO fast last night -- with all my symptoms, I'm thinking that it might be the flu. I'm trying to take it easy, rest, and get healthy again so I can start work. It's time! My body just decided to do its own thing I suppose. 

Today's blog post is supposed to be a Bible verse. Since it doesn't say a favorite verse, I think this will be really easy for me. I've been really thinking about a verse used in church yesterday morning from the book of Jonah. 

"Those who pay regard to vain idols
 forsake their hope of steadfast love."
                                     Jonah 2:8

I'm not quite sure what it is about the verse that caught my attention so much... but out of the 10 verses we looked out in Jonah 2, this verse stuck out the most to me. I think it speaks to my heart and the struggles I have with wanting "things."

 I believe this struggle really began when I got engaged... There is so much involved in wedding planning -- so much to buy, to love, to crave... but sometimes in those things, we lose the purpose of the wedding, the union, the covenant. It becomes more of a show than a miracle... more of a performance than a time of worship... more like showing off than praising God for the person standing next to you. It gets very hard when there are so many "things" to pick out, choose, and plan for a wedding. You can get so caught up in the details instead of the actual purpose of the wedding. You can substitute one for the other. You give up the deep, meaningful, and priceless moments of a holy union... for tablecloths, flowers, details, invitations, photographers, food, etc etc etc -- You can truly lose yourself in all of it

Blessed that I am... I had some amazing people around me to keep me focused. Ryan was especially great at encouraging me and hearing my heart about the gross things that I felt were starting to fester and influence my thoughts about our wedding. I plainly told him about how I felt pressure to have the best of everything, the prettiest, craftiest, gorgeous wedding... because of what "society" tell us we should have or just my own expectations of what a wedding should be. Together, with our families, we made it simple. We wrote down what was most important and made sure that those things were taken care of. When it came down to it, if my Save the Dates weren't perfect... it'd be okay because they weren't high on the priority list. The same went for anything else up until the wedding day. It totally eased my attitude, and I was extremely calm and stress-free because there wasn't a pressure there to have a "perfect" day. 

My little idol of materialism had been smashed in that area. 

Jonah 2:8 may be speaking to actual, manmade idols; however, I think "idols" can be way more than just golden calves or false gods. Materialism is one of the biggest idols in today's culture, and it's one of my biggest struggles. The more we focus on what we need want, the more we give up our hope of Christ's love for us. 

Now that my wedding is over, I still struggle with materialism. That was only the beginning! Now I have a house to decorate... babies will be coming in a few year... and I have a new career now. There are so many opportunities to just WANT THINGS. A new chair for the living room, a rug, curtains, CLOTHES (and LOTS of them), makeup, a new body, a pretty/healthy/perfect baby, something everything somebody else has.... the list is infinitely long, and it's very difficult to admit that we lust so much after things

But this verse tells me that the more I cling to those things (those things I REALLY want) the more I give up the love of God. I've heard the phrase [many times], "When you say yes to one thing, you say no to another." That is exactly my point here. The more I choose to love clothes, love promotion, love status and power, or just simply love me... the more I say no to God's love, God's provision, God's power, God Himself. When put in that perspective, the new outfit/new car/new job doesn't seem all that important anymore. 

"Those who pay regard to vain idols
 forsake their hope of steadfast love."
                                     Jonah 2:8

The more my face is turned toward materialism and all that it encompasses... the more my face turns away from God's love and all that it promises. It's almost a daily struggle to choose God instead of ______ (insert anything new and shiny and pretty that I want here), but I'm trying. I believe that choosing to live by His standards, His love, and His promises will help me entirely more than living by other people's standards, expectations, and ways of living. 

My favorite part about this teeny little verse is the purposeful wording of the last few words. In it, I can see the God's steadfastness and faithfulness. Even those who DO pay regard to vain idols are loved by their Father. It doesn't say that those who pay regard to vain idols lose the love of God their Father. There's hope in this verse to me. It says that the gross, disgusting humans that we are choose idols and by doing so, keep and tarnish parts of our heart that we should be offering to God.

We forsake our hope of His love changing us
But His love never changes

Such a small verse ... with so much power! It's something I'll definitely try to keep on my mind when I'm having a hard time battling this stupid materialism.. especially with Christmas coming up. I'm not worthy, but I'm consider myself extremely blessed that God continues to love me... even in the midst of my nasty, tarnished, idolatrous heart. 

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. Wow, that is so powerful! I struggle wih the same thing.. always wanting more "stuff" when only HE can truly satisfy. Thanks for sharing!