Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Eight: A Place Where You've Traveled

I love to travel! Getting to see the world outside of Arkansas is one of my favorite things to do, and Ryan & I have already decided that we're perfectly fine staying a few more years in our little rental home in order to save money for travel. Moving to a bigger place obviously means higher rent, and a few hundred dollars a month definitely could be used for vacations. We really love our home, too :)

Anyway... I have traveled to some of the greatest places in the country (in my opinion). Most of my travels have taken me East more than West. It was just a couple months ago that I actually traveled further than Texas to the West of us :) I really would love to visit California, rent a car, and drive the coastline on Highway 1. I'd also love to go up into Seattle and visit my half-brother and his family. I've been to NYC, but I'd like to take more time and go to Boston and the NE coast. Plus, I need (yes, need) to get over to Europe and Australia before it's all said and done. 

Canada has been checked off my list of countries, though. Ryan and I went to Vancouver for our honeymoon, and it's one of my favorite places now. There was MUCH debate about our honeymoon... I wanted to go somewhere NON-traditional (no beach, cruise, etc), and I really wanted it to be colder, action-y, and more Christmas-y... since our wedding was in December. It took some convincing, but Ryan finally got on board for a honeymoon in Canada. It actually turned out to be AMAZING. We are hockey fans now (really, just Canucks fans)... and we love the city up there. We'd love to go back there in the Springtime when it's warmer and in bloom. Plus, I'd like to rent a car and drive up to Whistler to the snowy part of Canada and check it out. 

Here are some of our adventures in Vancouver :)


in the airport!!!! 

after a LONG day of traveling... here we are in the train station on our first day in Vancouver.  

on the outdoor rooftop at The Keg. It was FREEZING, but they gave us blankets and turned on the heaters above us. So cool -- we had an AMAZING view of the city, too. We loved our coffees :) 

one of my favorite pictures from the trip. We are at the bus stop waiting to go to the park for a Christmas train ride.

here we are on the train :) 

 amazing Christmas lights in Stanley Park!!! 

 Ryan fell in love with the chestnuts. I thought they tasted like potatoes : \

More Christmas lights! 

 We love Christmas :)

This is probably my FAVORITE part of Vancouver: Gastown. It is absolutely GORGEOUS at night. Those lights, the clock, the gas lamps... :sigh:  

We visited the Vancouver Christmas Market and got some authentic German food, ornaments, and music. Awesome!!! 

 at the Christmas market. 

in the sleigh at the market.  

 welcome to the city!

The Vancouver Lookout - kind of like the SpaceNeedle in Seattle I guess. We didn't go up in it, but it was sure pretty :) 

A friendly bus driver gave us the tip to take the SeaBus out at night to see all the city lights. We were SO glad we did. We got the BEST view of the city. Isn't it gorgeous?!  

Right outside of Gastown. 

This is in the more "artsy" part of town... lots of music, unique shops. We went to a concert at the Orpheum while we were there.  

Ice Skating!!! 

This is inside the Orpheum. Isn't is beautiful?!  

Us before the concert.  

Hi, Brian :) One of the most EXCITING moments in my life is when I found out that Brian McKnight scheduled a concert the same week as our honeymoon in Vancouver. It was an easy decision to go on Friday night to see him live. SO AMAZING. (And thanks to my momma for buying us the tickets!) 

Not only did we get to see him in concert... we got to MEET HIM! One of the coolest moments ever!!!!!! He signed a CD for us, too -- to the Feeros... we had only been the "Feeros" for 6 days :) SO neat! 

This is at the Granville Island Brewery. It was SUCH an amazing place -- we wish we would have spent more time at the Island... but we did get to sample the brew! 

Ryan loved getting to sample all the city's brew :) He's so cute

So there's somewhere I've traveled... I LOVE VANCOUVER! I love the city, the people, the Canadian accents, the Canucks, the sea air, the big buildings, the island, the water, the atmosphere, and the fact that it was my first vacation with my husband. Vancouver will always be a special place to me :) 

im thankful.
carrie anne


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