Wednesday, October 5, 2011


::updates on life lately::

mammaw's party was totally awesome. she wanted a pizza party (she's so funny), and I made a homemade lemon cake (from SCRATCH!!! --I'll post pictures and recipe separately) for dessert. Mammaw also requested that we play dominoes - she's really good at it. it was a LOT of fun hanging out with the family. 

 (mammaw with the lemon cake i made! And we put it on HER mom's glassware. Cool stuff!)

 (me, mammaw, bella, chrissy, and mom -- bella started laughing every time we'd take a picture)

(let the dominoes begin!!)

my workout regime continues. last week, i worked out for an hour a day monday-friday. that trend is remaining for this week, too. im kicking my own butt, and im loving it! Working out also helps me care about what I eat. I now look at food and I'm like... it would take me 2 hours to burn you off!! It's much easier to just say no to junk food when i realize how much work it takes to lose it. Seriously, nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. 

this week, i'm continuing to prepare for my oral exam THIS SATURDAY. As it gets closer, I get more and more nervous... there is just so much riding on this one interview, and I feel the pressure to do well. After this, I can GET A JOB and work... and of course, make some money! I'm hoping my nerves don't chew me up and spit me out by Saturday. --Working out has seriously helped me stay focused and reduced a lot of stress. 

i'm also REALLY pumped for the game this Saturday. Arkansas is playing Auburn, and i'm sure it'll be a great game. I'd actually love to BE at the game, but I'll be driving back from Little Rock to even catch the game on TV. I'm really hoping I get to go to the South Carolina game in November. :) 


reminded today of how precious life is. Earlier, i thought about my uncle bedell & my best friend keely who both have passed away, and it made me cherish the life ive gotten to live so far. many questions still plague my mind like "why am I still here, and they are gone?" 

it reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite books, Night "...every question possessed a power that was lost in the answer."

Regardless of the answer to my question, im blessed to have known them... and blessed to still be on this earth living the best life i can. i miss them dearly, but i'm so, so, so glad they were part of my life.

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. your Mammaw seems like an awesome lady!! i hope i am witty and outgoing like that when i'm a grandma! your cake looks awesome and Bella is a D.O.L.L. looks like you are blessed with lots of wonderful family!