Friday, October 14, 2011

can it be fall yet?

for the first time in my life, I'm convinced that Fort Smith has actually had a transition between summer and fall. I swear, it usually goes from 115 degrees to 40 degrees in a weekend... the past few weeks have really been "nice" weather, but I'm ready for some COOL weather... like, make me wear a jacket weather.

updates on my oral interview... it lasted almost 45 minutes, and I somehow got through it. I had three members of the board interview me. I had to talk in a microphone (I hate that - I'd laugh and you'd hear my breath hit the microphone... annoying!). They asked questions I did not study, but I think it went well. I had been prepared to expect that there would be a "good cop/bad cop"routine, and that's exactly what happened in mine. I felt like I was being VERY challenged and almost intentionally scrutinized. It was a pressure cooker of emotions for me... I think it's because I was "over-answering" the questions they asked me, but a board member actually said "I'm going to ask you a question that's not even on my rubric because I just want to see if you know it." I got it right, and I think that irritated him even more! haha

I felt confident toward the end of the interview, and I let my true colors come out. During one question, the board member asked me what I'd do if I saw another therapist breaking the code of ethics. I told him that I would confront that person and tell him what I saw and what I thought. At this point, this board member interrupts me and says, "What if he's 6'6" 275lbs, and really angry?"

My response?   "Hey... I'm a pretty tough girl."

Touch of humor, big touch of honesty... the other board members laughed. He did not. Anyway, they told me after I finished that I did a really great job... I'll find out by mail sometime soon whether I passed/failed. The lead member in my interview actually said that it's nice to have someone who is well-prepared. Talk about a boost of confidence for me! :)

((sidenote: my husband was WAY more nervous than I was. He kept sighing, pacing, and asking if I was nervous. Poor thing. :) He was in the room while I did my interview, and he said that he just stared at the floor and didn't look at me... and was SO relieved when I was finished!))

this is me right after my interview on the steps of the State Capitol. Glad to be done!

other than recovering from that stressful day, I've been getting things ready for employment!! Resume, application, paperwork, references, etc... there's so much that goes into this. PLUS, I've been working on my paperwork for a Private Practice. There is so much that goes into this that seems so small, but it feels so big once you get in it! :sigh: I'm glad I'm chipping away at it now while I've got time.

Also - I've been consistent with hitting the gym for an hour a day. I burn about 630 calories a day now... Since I started working out/eating healthy about 2-3 weeks ago, I've lost 6 pounds. I keep telling myself that my weight is coming off at a healthy pace, and that is really is a big accomplishment... sometimes a pound a week just doesn't seem big! 
Big picture, carrie anne, big picture!!

Plans for this weekend: Ryan and I FINALLY get a night together tonight. I'm beyond excited. We plan on staying in, watching movies, and spending time together. that's the best.
Tomorrow, we are heading to Greenwood to carve pumpkins with the Feeros. We are excited to get to see Ryan's brother and his girlfriend (Stephen & Shelbie!).
Sunday, my brother is singing the national anthem up at the University of Arkansas... so we are loading up and going to watch him... then we are thinking about going to the Corn Maze up in Cave Springs that's in the shape of a RAZORBACK! How awesome!!!!

AND -- I'm waiting for my new iPhone 4s to be delivered to my door! Can't wait to have volume buttons again... oh yeah, and all the cool new features :)

lots of fun things going on. exciting things. pumped to start work and do what i love. ready to spend time with my hubby and my family this weekend.

im thankful.
carrie anne


  1. Congratulations!!! =D That's awesome! Sounds like you have lots of fun things going on!! Cute picture too!!