Monday, September 26, 2011

what a good day.

today was a good day for everything it gave me and didn't give me.
im thinking this post will be short and sweet... just got a few things to say :)

first of all, today... i joined a gym
somehow over the past year, i have gained back all 15 pounds i lost last year before our wedding. what a gross feeling/realization. the scale does not lie. haha. anyway, i knew it was time to do SOMEthing... so i joined a local gym, and im hoping for good results!

not only did i join today... i actually worked out. my poor little body may feel it tomorrow, but i burned over 550 calories and went more than 4.5 miles... not bad for an hour workout. i forgot how good it feels once you finish a workout!!! i drove home with the windows down and radio up loud... it felt pretty good, and i'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about my workout journey.

cleaned, cleaned, cleaned today, too. i swear our house hasn't been this clean. EVER. i have a very hard time not staying busy with something, and i can always find something to clean or organize in our house :) 

i cooked us a healthy dinner!! i cant believe i didn't take a picture... but we had grilled chicken and stir fry veggies. it's very easy, cheap, and healthy. we're both going to start eating better, and i need an extra boost for weight loss... hence the gym membership :)

finally... the best news ive gotten in a long time: 

my oral examination is scheduled for next saturday!!!!

i didn't blog about this, but last week... the board told me that the October meeting was full, and I would have to wait until November!! my sweet hubby petitioned for me, and i was put on a waiting list. yuck.
I was devastated. I cried. I whined. I felt sorry for myself. 

since im in a little bit of a limbo between school and getting licensed, i cant exactly start a new job until after this whole licensing process. ive been at home... trying to find things to do. its quite the stark contrast from my insanely busy life pre-graduation. i feel like ive gotten a lot out of my time away from school/work, and im still learning to find some peace and rest in the quiet moments. 

those quiet moments may be far and few between in the next few weeks, though!!! if all goes well, i'll be a licensed associate counselor (LAC) and licensed associate marriage & family therapist (LAMFT)... and will finally make MONEY for what i love to do. talk about a way to get a newlywed excited :) 

so on top of my gym/workout adventures, i will now add preparing and studying for this oral exam i have next week. 

what a good day.

im thankful.
carrie anne

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  1. Congrats on the gym membership! I have jumped on the band wagon for that as well!

    That is so awesome you get to take your exam this month!

    Glad I found your blog on fb! Stop by and check out mine sometime! :)