Thursday, September 29, 2011

facts about my family.

i thought it would be fun to have a post to write some fun facts and unique quirks about my family. i believe it's an honor to be a Craig (even though I'm a Feero now), and we've got some interesting family facts

 (mom & dad!)

our family consists of my dad (william), mom (carole), sister (chrissy), and brother (casey). my dad also has a son (bob) who lives near Seattle, Washington.

(me, chrissy, & casey) 

chrissy is now married to jason (for 6 and 1/2 years!), and they adopted my beautiful niece, Bella, last year. 

 the number 13 is a running theme in our family. my sisters birthday (1/13), parents' anniversary (6/13), and mom's birthday (8/13)... as well as any sports team number we had...i sat in row C, seat 13 of my high school graduation.. we stayed in room 1313 on our honeymoon (total coincidence!). it's my absolute favorite number :)

(isn't he handsome?!?!)

my dad joined the Navy after high school... he ended up going through training and becoming a Navy SEAL and served in the Vietnam War. 

for some reason i thought we looked alike here! haha 
my dad grew up in central arkansas... lived some of his life on a farm (truly "roughin it")... and moved to a small town where he spent the rest of his childhood/teenage years.
my mom was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She's a true Fort Smithian :)

our family absolutely, positively LOVES the Arkansas Razorbacks. we've gone to football/basketball/baseball games since I was a little kid. I still remember when our basketball team won the national championship... I was 7! It was such a big deal!

my brother can sing like you wouldn't believe. he's got a voice that is like no other, and i love to hear him sing. he's sung at a few events ... even sang at a Razorback baseball game not long ago! 

  my mammaw is very, very important to me. she's my last living grandparent, and she turns 83 this monday! she's as sharp as a tack, and she's funnier/wittier than all of us! she is the youngest of 4 - my mom is the youngest of 3 - and im the youngest of 3!

 my sister and i also have very weird thumbs... i'm talking like - they could pass as big toes. it wasn't until later in life that we realized our cousin, greg, has the same thumbs. it's a Craig thing!

when i was growing up, we had "Chili Dog Wednesday." my dad would boil a pot of hot dogs and start a pot of chili... and we'd have the best french fries!! anybody who ever came over on a Wednesday got a chili dog :)

my dad raised us to know good music. i remember being a little kid and helping my dad change the gears on his truck and him asking me who was singing the song on the radio. I know all the classics... im blessed to have such a diverse music taste! 

during football season, it's almost always guaranteed that we are all around the tv (or at the game) watching the razorbacks play. we schedule meals/activities around the game. it's a privilege to be a hog fan :)

(this is us on a cruise in 2009)

a vacation with the Craigs is likely to end up in hysterical laughter... get any of us to tell you a story from one of our vacations, and we'll laugh before we can utter a word. it's always an adventure to say the least.

(me & case in Times Square)

my sister was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 5 years old. she battled cancer for years, and i spent my first couple months of life in New York City where she had to go to receive her bone marrow transplant. even more interesting... my brother was her bone marrow donor (he was only a little over a year old - so he was "volunteered"). 

my sister is doing great now! her health is good, and she loves raising that precious baby girl, Bella. And - we all went back to NYC when I was in high school... it was a trip down memory lane for my sister and my parents - a whole new, awesome world for me and casey.

isn't she cute?!?! 

nowadays, we love getting together for any reason at all. lately, it's been more for football season, but this weekend... we'll be celebrating mammaw's birthday. we love cooking food, watching the games, talking and laughing together, and playing with that sweet baby Bella. 

i love my family!
im thankful.

carrie anne


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