Friday, September 9, 2011

back from vacation.

i had been blogging pretty regularly... then vacation happened. what a welcomed and enjoyable time ive had over the past week. my laptop was in the hands of my husband most of the week so he could keep up with his online classes... and the last thing i wanted was to be staring at a screen when he was done with his work. i wanted to enjoy time with him and look at all the beautiful things the west coast had to offer -- it was my first time to travel to that side of the US.

it was really awesome to get to see such awesome places, visit family, and enjoy time with the hubs. a week was a fair amount of time... i was ready to be home at the end of the trip.

bad things about vacation: not sleeping in my bed, airplanes (not particularly my favorite thing in the world), not being in complete control of our schedules, totally BLOWING my diet and gaining back every pound i had lost over the past couple weeks, and being away from home/family.

all that to say... we had a GREAT time. lets have the pictures do the talking.

this is ryan and i on the plane headed to vegas. we were so pumped!

and here's the Grand Canyon! It was my 1st time to see it, and i was in awe. pictures cannot do it any justice at all.

it was so pretty. so glad i picked sunset to go and explore!

the lighting at sunset was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I was in photography heaven.


one of my favorite pictures ive ever taken.

me and my sweetie at sunset in front of the canyon.

this is us at mather's point with our "Keely's Fund" t-shirts on. I will make a separate post about this organization very soon - it's in memory of my best friend who passed away almost 2 years ago. visit the website!

this is us with ryan's parents. they were so sweet for taking us out there!

me snapping a picture every second we were there... i loved the scenery :)

my hubby in front of the canyon. isn't he adorable? :)
us in front at yavapai point :)

us at sunset.

the next morning we were brave enough to try for a helicopter ride over the grand canyon. the weather was absolutely PERFECT... we were a little nervous but mostly very excited.

us in the chopper!!

the chopper ride allowed me to snag some AMAZING photos like these.

i was so amazed. look what God can do.


we got to spend time with ryan's grandparents as well... we loved getting to see them in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. they were willing to take a crazy picture with us like this :)

this is the London Bridge... in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It used to be in England, but it was bought and moved here because ya know... London Bridge was "falling down." Interesting history.

went back to Vegas the night before we flew back to Arkansas. enjoyed my time on the strip and made a little bit of money!!!

was so glad and excited to be back home and in razorback country :)

glad to be back in the blogging world, too
carrie anne


  1. AHH! Beautiful pictures!! Glad y'all had a great time

  2. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had an amazing time.

    The Grand Canyon always brings a smile to my face. When my husband and I visited the US we went out therebefore sunrise to take photos and explore. The night before as we were checking in to our hotel we saw that the next days temp was forcast to be 32 degrees. Being Australian's we were like, 'awesome, it's going to be such a warm day'!. We went there in the lightest clothes and absolutely froze our butts off! Still totally worth it though :)